Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Living...Lite

I am always wishing that I could make my life greener but struggling to find new and manageable ways to change.  I already walk to work, recycle, eat local, etc., and at this point I often struggle to find new ways to lighten my footprint on a small scale.  I mean, I'd love to install some solar panels on my roof, but doing so would break my bank, and probably more than one clause in my lease.

Enter Ideal Bite, a handy little website where you can sign up to receive a new, bite-sized, eco-friendly lifestyle tip each day.  Topics range from food, to beauty, to sex & romance, and you can pick and choose which bites are most applicable--and most practical--for you.  My most recent change?  I switched to Kiss My Face "Big Body" shampoo, which means I'm no longer putting cancer-causing chemicals on my scalp--or down the drain--every day, an easy and important change.  Brilliant!

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