Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beefy Mustardy Comfort

These are the words that my lunch companion used to describe the Wild West sandwich at O'Naturals, where we stopped in for a bite last week. The sandwich, which features wild prairie raised bison meatloaf, is just one delicious pick from a menu designed to be as healthy and planet-friendly as possible, while still providing quick service to people on the go. This means lots of organic ingredients, and no additives, preservatives, or growth hormones.

The restaurant, created in part by the husband and wife team who bring us Stonyfield Farm yogurt, also aims to make each of its locations an active part of local community development. With this in mind, they donate a portion of their sales each evening to local non-profits, giving local-minded consumers yet another reason to stop by when they need a good, quick meal.

The missing piece? Local farmers. No one is perfect, but it seems that the next simple step toward a goal of planet-friendly fast food (and in supporting community development) would be partnering with nearby farms at each location. If this tasty, healthy menu was also local, it would provide a pretty tempting excuse to leave the lunch bag at home once in a while and treat yourself to something different!

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