Monday, August 12, 2013

Ecofoodie Goes to Market: Roslindale Village

These days, trips to the farmers' market are a family affair. Gone are the days of strolling perusal and easy chatting. Granted, there are new pleasures to be found in having the assistance of a toddler as I select my squash, but I sometimes wax nostalgic for more leisurely days.

Last Saturday, I actually had the opportunity to head to the market alone (sigh of relaxation), so I took the opportunity snap a few photos. Given that I'm constantly gushing over the bounty I bring home every week, I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of the market itself. If you are in the Boston area, I highly recommend a visit, even if it means a bit of a drive. The Roslindale Village Farmers' Market really is something special, with kids or without.

**With any luck, this will be the first of an occasional series, featuring area markets throughout the year...stay tuned!**

Adams Park, an urban oasis.

I snuck in bright and early. Two Field Farm was still setting up.

You say tomato, I say, I'll take some of each, please

Diced peaches make for a very slippery finger food. 
Totally worth the mess.
My babies smell like peaches. Every night.

Ok, so I do play favorites on the tomatoes.
Nothing beats an heirloom.

Greens, greens greens. 
Oh, and some gorgeous eggplant.

The Fornax stand. We stop here every week.
As my toddler says, We need more yummy bread.

We usually grab a treat as well.
Oat cakes are his favorite.

My jams are not camera shy.
Had a lovely chat with Robin, of Doves and Figs
Walked away with the most scrumptious Fig & Cranberry jam.

Apparently I am tomato obsessed. Can you blame me?
Perfect pints from Allandale Farm.
These beauties are organic and only travelled two miles to market.
Can't be beat.

My toddler tried his first apricot this week. 
Verdict: Mmmmm.

Sugar plums.
Can't. Get. Enough.

Fade to purple.

Garlic lover's paradise.

For more info on the Roslindale Village Farmers' Market, including a full vendor list and weekly activities (free yoga! live music! a clown show for the kiddos!), click here. Hope to see you this Saturday!

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