Sunday, October 11, 2009

Food, Food, Food.

Today's Times magazine is devoted to all things food, the perfect compliment to Sunday morning coffee. In addition to issues like hunger, malnutrition, and obesity, several of the articles present interesting ideas on moving toward healthier, more sustainable ways of eating, including:

*Mark Bittman's musings on how on-line grocery shopping might help the conscious consumer to eat fresher, more locally sourced food.

*A profile of Jeff Ford, a Wisconsin baker who uses organic, locally sourced grains and a natural fermentation method to make delicious breads that are not only sustainable, but also digestible for many people diagnosed with wheat allergies (Ford's theory is that the wheat varieties used in industrial production are better designed for monocultures and machine processes than the human digestive system). The article includes one fabulous looking recipe for whole wheat bread!

*And, of course, a contribution from Michael Pollan, "Rules to Eat By," a brief consideration of the role that culture can play in helping us to make smart food choices in an era of nutritionism and supplemented, processed foods. Pollan echoes some of his themes from In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, but also looks forward to a new book he's working on, in which he'll gather some common sense eating wisdom from regular people like you and me (as opposed to a bunch of scientists). You can post your own rules and read Pollan's favorites through links at the end of the article.

Happy Sunday reading!

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