Friday, February 17, 2012

A Hill of Beans

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Blessed with the luxury of my own office, I have the freedom to jazz up my sometimes boring work day with some spicy Pandora or NPR fun. You can imagine my excitement when, yesterday, I heard that Tom Ashbrook would be spending an entire hour talk about beans on On Point. Seriously. I was pumped.

I totally heart beans. I love their many colors and flavors. The fact that they are a comparitively planet friendly source of protein. The nutritional punch that they pack at such a low cost. My husband? Not a fan. He does love hummus, and he will happily eat a sprinkling of cheese-smothered pinto beans hiding out in a quesadilla, but beyond that he begrudgingly chokes down any legume-based dish. For years (seriously) I just stopped cooking with beans. It was too much effort for such a depressing response. Lately, as I think more and more about nutrition for my growing 15 month old, I've been reacquainting myself with the bulk goods aisle at the local market, experimenting with lentils and soups, the message to said husband being: I think you can tough it out. He has, on occasion, remarked that a bowl of lentils was actually enjoyable. Progress! Encouraged, I've been wishing for a source of been information/inspiration, in hopes of drumming up more yummy recipes that can become regular EcoFoodie family fare.

Enter Crescent Dragonwagon, whose new cookbook looks as amazing as her name: Bean by Bean: A Cookbook: More than 200 Recipes for Fresh Beans, Dried Beans, Cool Beans, Hot Beans, Savory Beans...Even Sweet Beans! Seriously, Crescent? How did you read my mind? I just ordered a copy for a mere $9.95 and am already planning a pantry shelf stocked with a beautiful bean display. (Bonus: weekend trip the Container Store for some lovely glass jars!)

Bean-hating husband, watch out. I am going to convert you yet. And EcoFoodie readers, be on the look out for some new recipes and pictures of the beautiful bean station. What are your favorite bean recipes? Tips for working with dried beans?

Click here to listen to the On Point program with Dragonwagon. Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh, it was easy... so many people kept telling me, "That Rebecca Hansen's mind is a REALLY good read!"

    Seriously, babe... THANK YOU. So glad you were tickled by the talk and the book, and I look forward to hearing about how the husbandly conversion goes.

  2. I love them too. Thanks for the info!