Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Warmers

So, the predicted snow never came last weekend...and most afternoons this month have been warm enough for lengthy outings at the park...a reality that is both lovely (having a fifteen month old gives you a whole new perspective on cabin fever) and disturbing (it is Boston). It has definitely not been a typical winter (insert global warming debate here), but that doesn't mean that the nights aren't plenty chilly, leaving us all with cravings for hot, hearty suppers and steaming beverages.

While I've been doing plenty of cooking with my winter farmers market hauls, I've been a little lacking in the inspiration department--I continue to be obsessed with this quinoa dish, which I made a few weeks ago. So, I went searching for ideas and found these seasonal treats from Mark Bittman and Martha Rose Shulman, whose Recipes for Health are both gorgeous and easily adaptable. And, just for good measure, I've included a hot toddy recipe that a dear friend sent my way a while back.

Hope these help to warm your kitchen, your belly, and your heart. Happy eating!

Sauteed Shredded Winter Squash and Cabbage and a Winter Vegetable Gratin

Simmered Beet Greens with Roasted Beets, Lemon, and Yogurt

Root Veggie Recipes (and a lovely ode to some of the season's most under appreciated tubers)

Rock and Rye Toddy

and one from the EcoFoodie archives,

Savory Kale and Sweet Potato Pasta with Prosciutto

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